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Mens Haircare

Professional range of shampoo and conditioner formulated for men's hair from top brands such as Vines Vintage, TIGI and more.

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Carin For Men Icy Lotion 250ml



Revitalising hair lotion for daily use. Refreshes and disinfects the scalp. Contains extracts of stinging nettle, which slow down dandruff.

€5.30 ex VAT


Vines Vintage Coconut Oil Brilliantine 200ml


Vines Vintage

Moisturise and improve the appearance of hair in one step with this barbering classic. Rich in Coconut Oil and formulated to include Lemongrass and Sandalwood, this tonic is excellent at conditioning the hair for a healthy, glossy result.

€3.00 ex VAT


Carin For Men Multiforce Shampoo 250ml



Shampoo for daily use, designed to cope with the typical male hair and scalp defects, like dandruff and thinning hair.

€6.20 ex VAT


Vines Vintage American Bay Rum 200ml


Vines Vintage

200ml: Legendary hair and scalp tonic with a spicy aroma. Used daily this tonic refreshes and stimulates the scalp and revitalises the hair.

€3.00 ex VAT


Vines Vintage Eclipsol Oil Plain 200ml


Vines Vintage

Vines Vintage Eclipsol Plain is a traditional hair tonic treatment with long-lasting results to condition and style the hair. A water based lotion providing moisturising benefits without weighing down hair.

€2.50 ex VAT


TIGI Bed Head For Men Clean Up Shampoo/Conditioner 750ml Tween Duo


TIGI Bed Head For Men

Shampoo and Conditioner 750ml. Cleans. Invigorates. Strengthens. Healthy looking hair and scalp.

€17.50 ex VAT


Vines Vintage Eau De Quinnine 2L


Vines Vintage

2L: Vines Vintage Eau De Quinine is a revitalising hair and scalp tonic with an uplifting aroma of Vanilla and Sandalwood.

€12.15 ex VAT


Vines Vintage Eau De Portugal 2L


Vines Vintage

2L: Vines Vintage Eau De Portugal is a classic hair and scalp tonic with a tangy citrus aroma, inspired by the ancient Portuguese formula. This tonic revitalises the hair and scalp for long-lasting results.

€12.15 ex VAT


d:fi Daily Shampoo 300ml

Out of Stock


Cleans everything but your thoughts. Helps maintain optimal moisture balance to avoid dull, dry and brittle hair.

€7.90 ex VAT

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