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Hair Extension Care & Accessories

Balmain hair extension care products & accessories such as re-bonds, rings and extension clips. We also stock shampoo, brushes, conditioner and hair masks which are formulated especially for hair extensions.
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Balmain Dissolvent - 3 Bottles



Remove extensions with ease with Balmain's specially made Dissolvent.

€28.30 ex VAT


Balmain Extension Brush



Balmain Hair extension brush is a large brush with multiple length soft bristles, having the soft bristles ensure there is no snagging or catching to your extensions or natural hair whilst brushing.

€12.00 ex VAT


Balmain Dissolvent Gel Pk2



For extensions and doublehair. Neutralises the adhesive strength of the bonding under the influence of the pressure and UV light. Dermatologically tested.

€21.25 ex VAT


Balmain Micro Plus Re-bonds Gel Pk24



Fill-In extensions, Fill-In Highlights, DoubleHair & Soft Blend Weave can be reapplied using micro plusbonds; simply remove all residues from the extensions bonding and re-attach with Plusbond.

€9.35 ex VAT


Balmain Extensions Disconnector



For use with pre bonded hair extensions, this ergonomic tool fits easily in the hand and will crush bonds for removal of extensions.

€21.90 ex VAT


Balmain Beauty Bag



The Balmain Hair Care Kit contains everything you need to keep your extensions and natural hair looking beautiful.

€50.60 ex VAT


Balmain 100 Re-application Rings & 2 Pullers - Brown



100 Soft Rings with 2 Puller Tools Included. Soft Rings are used with Balmain Soft Ring memory hair extensions.

€6.45 ex VAT


Balmain Rings for Application - Black



Soft rings are small micro rings with silicone insert, they are attached to the hair using the small puller tools that come with the soft rings, they are then ring is squeezed together with a ring connector, which holds the ring in place.

€6.21 ex VAT


Balmain Conditioner 250ml



For human hair. All hair needs conditioning whether natural or extensions.

€11.85 ex VAT


Balmain Ring Connector



Balmain Ring Connector for application and removal of extensions. Recommended for use with feather hair extensions. With silicone layer inside to protect the hair.

€16.95 ex VAT


Balmain Shampoo 250ml



For human hair. A gentle moisturising cleanser enriched with ‘Green Tea’ extracts to cleanse the hair and scalp.

€11.85 ex VAT


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