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Paraffin Wax

Range of professional manicure & pedicure paraffin wax treatment supplies from Deo, HOF & Salon System. We stock heated mitts & boots, wax heaters, paraffin wax blocks & paraffin wax brushes. This treatment will leave your client's hands & feet feeling soft and nourished as the heated wax locks moisture in to the skin.
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Deo Cloth Manicure Mitts - 1 Pair



100% cotton mitts. Ideal for paraffin wax manicure treatments for extra client comfort.

€4.95 ex VAT


Deo Paraffin Wax 1kg



2x 500g paraffin wax slabs. A soft wax with a low melting point, used to soften and smooth skin on hands and feet.

€7.51 ex VAT


Deo Digital Paraffin Wax Heater



The Deo digital paraffin wax heater is a microcomputer-based temperature controlled heater designed to melt wax quickly and maintain it at a user-selectable temperature.

€100.25 ex VAT


Deo Cloth Pedicure Bootie Socks - 1 Pair



Deo Cloth Pedicure Bootie Socks - 1 Pair: Pedicure booties which are suitable for use with Paraffin Wax Heaters for extended heat treatment.

€5.64 ex VAT


Salon System Just Wax Paraffin Wax (with Aloe Vera) 450g


Just Wax

A low melt paraffin wax with aloe vera to help sooth the skin and reduce skin irritation after waxing.

€4.85 ex VAT


HOF Heated Boots (Pair)

Out of Stock


These mains powered boots are the perfect solution for keeping your clients' limbs warm during a paraffin or other heat treatment.

€30.72 ex VAT

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HOF Heated Mitts (Pair)



These Mitts will allow you to extend the heat treatments in manicures and paraffin hand treatments.

€30.72 ex VAT


Capital Paraffin Wax Brush 2 Inch


Professional Choice

For the application of paraffin wax for hands or feet.

€2.59 ex VAT


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