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Manicure Supplies

Range of professional manicure products including hand lotions, scrubs, masks, and moisturisers. We also stock all the essential tools you need to perform a manicure such as cuticle tools, manicure bowls, nail clippers & nail brushes. As well as our own brand, we stock Salon System, Strictly Professional, The Edge, Kaeso & more.
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Salon System Gellux Profile Prep & Wipe 500ml



A dual purpose cleanser that sanitises the nail plate and wipes away gel residue. For soak off and non soak off UV gel systems.

€8.90 ex VAT


Capital Orange Sticks Pk10


Professional Choice

This pack of 10 orange nail cuticle sticks are a manicure and pedicure essential, ideal for pushing the cuticle and shaping the nail.

€0.99 ex VAT


The Edge Nail Dusting Brush


The Edge

This dusting brush is ideal to keep the nails clean of any small dust particles when performing a manicure.

€1.88 ex VAT


Sinful Cuticle Oil 15ml (Brush on)


Sinful Nails

A brush on cuticle oil enriched with Vitamin E to help keep cuticles supple and healthy.

€1.76 ex VAT


Capital Hoof Stick


Professional Choice

Manicure tool for a perfect nail contour. Use the hoof stick to facilitate removal of dead skin to form a neat nail contour.

€1.10 ex VAT


The Edge No. 5 Flat Nylon UV Gel Brush


The Edge

A high quality flat nylon brush allows for precision with UV Gel systems.

€5.65 ex VAT


Salon System Gellux Prep & Wipe 250ml



A dual purpose cleanser that sanitises the nail plate and wipes away gel residue. For soak off and non soak off UV gel systems.

€4.95 ex VAT


Salon System Gellux Remover Wraps 100 (Foil & Lint)



Gel polish remover wraps. Foils and pre-attached lint.

€5.00 ex VAT


Kaeso Juicy Drops Cuticle Oil 15ml - Pomegranate



Nourishes, moisturises and re-hydrates dry, damaged cuticles.

€2.25 ex VAT


Capital Cuticle Nipper Standard


Professional Choice

To remove excess non-living tissue around the cuticle or hand nails. Can be used for artificial nails but will reduce the life of the implement.

€5.75 ex VAT


Kaeso Raspberry Ripple Hand Lotion 495ml



A rich, easily absorbed lotion that is designed to moisturise and help protect hands from dryness.

€5.95 ex VAT


Capital Cuticle Multi Tool


Professional Choice

Cuticle mutil tool, an essential for any manicure or pedicure. Should always be sterilized in-between clients.

€6.45 ex VAT


Kaeso Manicure Kit



Luscious range designed to promote healthy hands and nails.

€16.00 ex VAT


Sinful Cuticle Oil 60ml


Sinful Nails

These cuticle oils are enriched with Vitamin E and available in a variety of scents.

€3.45 ex VAT

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The Edge Finger Bath (Acetone Safe)


The Edge

The Edge acetone safe white Shellfish shaped Finger Bowl.

€3.45 ex VAT


The Manicure Company Pro Prep & Wipe - Nail Dehydrator & Finishing Solution 100ml


The Manicure Company

'Pro Prep &Wipe' is a nail dehydrator and finishing solution which has been designed to remove oils and dirt from the nail plate to ensure a clean surface for product adhesion.

€3.55 ex VAT


Capital Dappen Dish


Professional Choice

A double sided glass dish, it can be used for eyelash tinting or nail liquids to prevent cross contamination.

€1.69 ex VAT


Kaeso Bare All Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover 495ml



Gently and efficiently removes polish from artificial and natural nails.

€4.45 ex VAT


Kaeso Cranberry Sensation Hand Treatment Cream 250ml



A luxurious, rich cream specially formulated to instantly restore moisture in dry, chapped hands.

€4.80 ex VAT


Kaeso Pink Grapefruit Drizzle Hygiene Spray 195ml



A vital must have for any manicure treatment. Helps to avoid infection and sanitise the treatment area. Pink Grapefruit uplifts and energises.

€4.10 ex VAT


Salon System Gellux Profile Remover 1 Litre



Safely and gently removes Profile Soak Off UV Gel from the natural nails.

€11.00 ex VAT


Barbicide Manicure Table Jar (Small)



Solid yet compact to fit right at the nail work table, the cutting edges of implements rest immersed in disinfecting solution. Barbicide and implements not included.

€11.00 ex VAT


Kaeso Mulberry & Pomegranate Sorbet Hand Scrub 95ml



A sumptuous hand scrub that deeply exfoliates to help replenish the skin. The rejuvenating fusion of Mulberry and Pomegranate creates a truly indulgent experience while nourishing and moisturising.

€4.80 ex VAT


Strictly Professional Creamy Cuticle Remover 150ml


Strictly Professional

A highly effective product designed to soften and remove excess cuticle.
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€2.50 ex VAT

€2.00 ex VAT


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