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Clearance - Haircare

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Malibu C Makeover Treatment Kit


Malibu C

This two-step wellness treatment performed exclusively in the salon transforms tone, texture, vibrancy, and strength of hair.

€4.10 ex VAT

€2.45 ex VAT


Malibu C Color Prepare Treatment Sachet 5g


Malibu C

Eco-chic treatment primes hair for color perfection while drawing out all color-blocking elements to ensure optimal coverage and extended color vibrancy.

€1.95 ex VAT

€1.25 ex VAT


Malibu C Swimmers Treatment Sachet 5g


Malibu C

Ditch damage and discoloration with this must-have tune-up tool for swimmers’ hair that instantly kicks crunchy, gummy, lifeless locks into tip top shape to reveal the ultimate in softness, swing and shine.

€1.95 ex VAT

€0.95 ex VAT


Macadamia No Tangle Brush Set



The No Tangle Brush utilizes a unique 'flex bristle' design to gently diffuse tangles and knots, painlessly and safely detangling your hair. The remarkable bristles bend and dip into knotted, tangled hair; eliminating pulling, split-ends and breakage

€9.50 ex VAT

€6.95 ex VAT


Revlon Equave Hydro Detangling Shampoo 250ml



Detangling shampoo for all hair types. New, improved formula to make detangling easier and provide an exceptional feel on damp hair that carries on once the hair is dry.

€6.60 ex VAT

€6.40 ex VAT


Revlon Equave Kids Shampoo 50ml



An excellent conditioning gel formula to gently clean and nourish hair. Contains gentle conditioners and Vitamin B5 to eliminate knots and to leave hair soft, manageable and extra-shiny.

€1.50 ex VAT

€0.95 ex VAT


Revlon Equave Hydro Detangling Shampoo - 750ml



A light two-phase formula that instantly detangles the hair and leaves it moisturized, soft and shiny.

€13.50 ex VAT

€12.95 ex VAT


TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Re-energize Treatment Mask


TIGI Bed Head

Perfect for normal hair that needs a wake up call. Reflection injectors kick dull hair to the curb.

€9.95 ex VAT

€6.20 ex VAT


L'Oréal Professionnel série expert LISS UNLIMITED Force Shampoo 250ml



Smoothing shampoo for rebellious hair. Enriched with Pro-Keratin and Kukui & Evening Primrose Oils, this new shampoo purifies the hair & scalp and provides an anti-frizz effect.

€8.89 ex VAT

€5.00 ex VAT


L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Fresh Dust 150ml



Very light hold, dry shampoo/styler. Refreshes any style with additional texture for a translucent look with shine.

€11.15 ex VAT

€9.20 ex VAT


Macadamia Volumizing Dry Shampoo 150ml



For the globe trotter on the go, Volumizing Dry Shampoo is the ideal mid-day pick-me-up that volumizes, refreshes, and revitalizes hair.

€13.30 ex VAT

€6.95 ex VAT


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