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Looks Warm Strip Wax 450g - Aloe Vera (Gelee)
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Looks Warm Strip Wax 450g - Aloe Vera (Gelee)

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The consistency of this gel wax allows for a thin application.

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Product information

Looks Wax 450g - Aloe Vera Gelee: Suitable for all parts of the body, including intimate waxing, with minimal discomfort.

The materials used in this gelee wax are based upon synthetic raw materials and are subtly coloured and fragranced. As such they can be used where there may be the risk, even if somewhat slight, of allergy to the traditional colophony based products.

Looks waxes contain the absolute minimum of plasticizer and so are ‘full strength’ and have very low viscosity which increases when smoothed and pulled off quickly with a fabric or paper strip, gripping the hair and supporting the skin, like a hard wax.

Used at temperatures just a few degrees above normal skin temperature, they spread very thinly and easily flow round hair, so less wax is needed making it more profitable. The end result is the most efficient epilation, with no wax residue left on the skin and without sensitising the skin through burning.


  1. Remove lid and heat the wax by placing pot in a warm wax heater.
  2. Using a spatula, spread a thin layer of the wax onto the area to be treated in the direction of growth.
  3. Press an epilating strip onto the waxed area.
  4. Pull off the strip with a firm action against the direction of growth. It is recommended that After Wax Moisturising Conditioner is used after treatment. 

For Professional Use Only.



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