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The Winter Nail Trends 2023

Happy New Year! 2023 is here and there’s no denying that our nails are about to get a fresh new look. Our new year's resolution... To try the latest trends and get out of our comfort zone! Check out the 'it' nails for the new year!


After Dark

Social media has massively influenced nail trends this year, and TikTok is definitely leading the way when it comes to sharing micro trends. For instance, in the mainstream, dark shades like purples and browns always come into play for Winter; but on TikTok that darkness is broken down into mini trends, such as Night Owl and Indie Sleaze – mentioned earlier in our 2023 trend review on page 10 – both of which contain deep metallic tones, think gunmetal grey and dirty silver and some grungy embellishment.

Cosy chic

A trend that’s perfect for clients who just want pretty, simple nails has to be neutral browns. From rich chocolates to warm cinnamon and toffee shades, it’s all about cosy vibes and there’s a brown to suit every skin tone and nail length. This trend can be kept super chic with one creamy shade all over, a two-tone effect or you can take it to the next level by adding some shimmer or gold leaf.


Shimmering Sights

For award - winning nail tech Metta Francis, chrome is back in a big way. Chrome was a major hit a few years back, and now the likes of Lizzo and Kim Kardashian are loving it for a red carpet look. It makes sense that Metta says it’s time to reach for your metallic powders again. “Chrome was huge on the fashion week catwalks and we’re going to see it used in so many different ways, from full coverage, accent metallics, chrome tips and intricate nail art and we’re going to see it in every colour imaginable at every length. You can expect to see more wearable silvers on short, natural nails for an everyday look and for longer, more extreme lengths we’ll see classic golds, greens and purples,” says the London - based tech.