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Fall Colour Faves

In a post-pandemic world colour is one of the key ways for your clients to express themselves. Read on to find out more on the ultimate Fall colours that will satisfy every single creative craving. 

“I’m obsessed with Terracotta –  it’s a spicy colour that suits a myriad of skin tones and complexions. I also think we’re moving away from bright colour blocking and looking to more fun, playful pastels such as mint, indigo and lavender with almost faded-out finish.”  

Brian Leo McCallum, ROAR Hair and Beauty 

“Warm hair shades are set to take over and we’ll see shades like golden and honey blonde, chestnut, bronze and chocolate becoming popular. All of these hues give the hair an expensive, luxurious feel that’s all about shine that brightens the complexion. 

“I’m also loving tweed blonde; it’s a multidimensional blonde that combines a beige blonde base with highlights and lowlights of warmer tones, including honey and sandy blonde to give hair depth, movement and shine.” 

Karen Thomson, Owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa 

“Reds are always huge for Autumn and they’re going to become much deeper. The key hue is almost a cross between auburn and chestnut brown, creating a beautiful rich shade that exudes shine and looks great on all skin tones. We’ll also see brunettes opting for highlights in shades of caramel and auburn that will bring dimension and brightness.” 

Suzie McGill, Rainbow Room International 

“For optimum shine one of my favourite hair colour trends is oil slick hair. The trend takes inspiration from petrol being spilled or mixing with water and creates blue, green and purple tones in black and brunette hair for a mesmerising finish. This trend works best on healthy-looking hair and stylists should encourage the use of hair masks and treatments at home. To show this colour at its best, hair should be styled sleek and finished with a hair serum or oil to give hair a glass-like shine.” 

Seung Ki Baek, RUSH 

“It’s all about subtly highlighted hair that looks healthy and natural. Think tousled, beachy, yet never too ‘done’. This season is all about creating the illusion of worn-in colour through using different shades of colour and highlighting.” 

Yovanka Loria 

“Whatever the colour, from platinum blonde to copper or the deepest shade of brunette, it’s all about glass hair and mirror-like shine.” 

Paul Percival, Redken Session Artist  

“It’s time to warm up the hair with a beautiful, inviting colour. Luxurious Copper and Tweed Blonde are the two must-have trends this year, with the colours full of warmth and exceptionally head turning. Luxurious copper sees three to four copper tones weaved throughout the hair creating a multi-dimensional feel that is unique to the individual, working with their complexion.  Tweed Blonde is a nod to the more natural, beige blonde that we loved throughout Summer, but with low lights and darker tones weaved into the natural beige for a gorgeous ‘tweed’ effect.” 

Dan Spiller, JOICO  

“This season is one of my favourites as colour becomes more rich and full of warmth. Right now the go-to colours are Bronzed Wood, all about adding caramel and mocha tones; Blending Blonde, a mix of lighter and darker tones with a darker pulled root and Deep Copper; a gorgeous deep, nourished copper.” 

Andrew Smith, Andrew Smith Salons 

“It’s all about that ‘Expensive Brunette’ this year: healthy-looking hair with a high shine effect.” 

Conor James Doyle, Redken Advocate  

“Mocha caramel is an effortless weaving of a rich brown base with balayage painted caramel shimmering on top. Think of it as a milky coffee and chocolate swirl! When worn with gentle waves, the colour brings dimension so that all types of hair look fuller.” 

Anne Veck 

“This season we’re moving on from dirty blonde to dirty brunette. It’s a well-crafted, well-placed technique that looks effortless and natural, focusing on steady mid to neutral shades. It works best on naturally brown bases, incorporating dark blonde ends and subtle thin panels throughout the hair for an understated smoky vibe.” 

Jack Kilpatrick, JKP Hairspa  

“After periods of uncertainty people tend to embrace warmer, richer tones that are nourishing and optimistic, so right now my clients are embracing warm golden honeycomb tones.  

The beige blonde trend is embracing a warmer palette with nude, beige, and sandy tones. These warmer tones tend to reflect light more than ashier hues, so will help the overall appearance of shine on the hair. I love Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask and the Golden Gloss Mask as they’re perfect for adding some glow and warmth to hair in-between salon treatments.” 

Jordanna Cobella for Wella Professionals  


“I’m loving super glossy chocolate tones because they create depth and dimension on all hair types. I usually tell my curly hair clients that we can create a low-maintenance bronzed look to enhance their texture and keep hair looking healthy and glossy with a mirror shine.” 

Claire Martin-Kennedy, Redken Advocate  

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